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Magic trick - Bible Colouring Book: ‘Telling Bible stories in a new way’

This is a must-have for any Christian children's worker or preacher. It is a great introduction to any Bible story or preach. You can use this for any school assembly, RE lesson, Sunday school, children's moment in church or in any preach or telling of a Bible story. It looks amazing, but it is so easy to do! 

You show a Bible colouring book and all its pages are blank. When you explain that the Bible is not an empty book, but full of stories about God and His people suddenly pictures appear in the book, outlined in black. But the Bible isn't just a book full of stories. it is God's Word and when we study the Bible all these stories come alive. With audience participation the preacher or children's worker colours the pictures - as if by magic. Now bright, vibrant colours have filled in the black and white pictures!  

If we don't listen carefully to God's Word, before we know it, this happens...
For a fitting finale, all the pages change back to their original state - blank!

You can use this to show the importance of the Bible before you tell any Bible story or before you start your preach.
Bible coloring book

Importance of the Bible, the Bible is the Word of God, the Bible is alive

Below we show you a demonstration video and where you can buy your own copy of the Bible coloring book.

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