Object lesson - Parable of the Talents - Building with your talents

Create a big wall with building blocks full of the talents of the children

Today we are thinking about the parable of the talents in Luke 19. An important man goes on a journey and gives ten disciples ten coins. What are they going to do with these? In this creative activity we are going to use our talents to build with. During our walk-in activity, we will first fold, cut and glue these 'building blocks', so that we will soon have a mountain of building blocks to build with. Now we are going to build with these blocks.

Walk in activity on the parable of the talents childrens ministry sunday school lesson

What you need:

- all kinds of coloured square pieces of paper (10 x 10)
- scissors
- adhesive tape or staplers
- pen

What do you do:

Tags: Object lessons, Parables of Jesus, Talents - discovering / developing, Teamwork - unity / working together