Storytelling tips - Parable of the talents

How do I tell the story myself? - Storytelling tips for this story

We give you four tips that can help you tell the parable of the talents in a new and interesting way.

Four storytelling tips on the Bible story of the parable of the talents

The Bible passage in this lesson:

The disciples listen to Jesus and gain hope. In Jerusalem, where they are now on their way, God's new world will begin! Jesus knows what they are thinking and tells them a story about an important man who is going on a faraway journey so that he can be proclaimed king of his country. Before he leaves, he gives ten servants ten money coins to make even more money. When he returns after a long time, he asks his servants what they did with the money. The first servant has earned ten times as much money and is given by the master the administration of ten cities. The second servant has earned five times as much money and is being ruled over five cities by the master. The third servant has kept his money in a cloth. The master has this money taken away and given to the one with the most money. When people say that this is not fair, the master replies, "Whoever has, will get more. But he who has nothing, what he has, will also be taken away.

( Luke 19: 11-26 ) 

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