Object lesson - Ascension - When Jesus comes back....

In this series between Easter and Pentecost, we dwell a lot on the ascension of Jesus. In this parable of the wise and foolish virgins, Jesus tells the story of the bridegroom who actually returns after a long time. With the ascension of Jesus, the two men in white robes promised that Jesus would return in the same way. But what happens next? What image do the children have of this? What do they think about the return of Jesus / the second coming?

Count those 1500 grains of rice object lesson on Pentecost and the Holy Spirit 1

What do you need:

- flipchart or A4 sheets that you can stick on the door or wall
- marker
- a colour fan for each child
- enough small stickers

What do you do:

Tags: Object lessons, Ascension of Jesus, Acts - Bible book