Object lesson - Acts 2 - The torch without batteries

Just as the battery gives power to make the light shine, so the Holy Spirit gives us power to be a light and live the way God wants us to.

On the day of Pentecost, all the believers, each talking their own language, go and tell all the people in Jerusalem about the miracles of God. In this way they shine their light.
We too can shine our light. Today we celebrate that the Holy Spirit has come to live in us. He wants to fill us with Himself each day anew, so that we may always let our light shine

 A short introduction to the Bible story, the purpose of which is to learn something together from the Bible story and which at the same time makes the children curious about what is to come.

Many pieces make up a puzzle Object lesson on Acts 4 early church unity

What you need:

- flashlight
- batteries

What to do:

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