Object lesson - Acts 4 - Who is richer?

Who is richer? The one who has the most or the one who gives the most?

This object lesson is a simple and fun way to illustrate a themes such as money and giving. You can use this as a children’s moment during a service, a preaching illustration, in your Sunday school lesson, in an assembly or an RE lesson.

Today we reflect on the first church. A group of new believers who were all separate pieces at first, and now become a beautiful puzzle in which they are one with each other in everything and share with each other.

There is really a deep unity among the believers, in which they share everything with each other and agree on everything. It really is those wonderful honeymoon weeks of the first church. Everyone has food to eat. Rich people sell their house or a piece of land and give that money to the apostles. The apostles then shared this among the poor.

Many pieces make up a puzzle Object lesson on Acts 4 early church unity

What you need:

- 2 x two pound /  euro / dollars coins 
- 10 x one pound / euro / dollars coins  

What to do:

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