Crafts idea - Isaiah - Making flags

Ideas what children can do as long as the programme has not yet started.

Suitable for children's work, where children gradually trickle in.

Isaiah is a prophet of God. In Isaiah's time, kings were in charge in Israel. But these kings did not always do what God wanted. Then God sent a prophet to tell the king what he was doing wrong. Kings don't like this. They don't like it when others tell them what to do. And they certainly do not like it when they do it wrong! Therefore, it was sometimes difficult to be a prophet.

In our Bible story today, Isaiah dreams that all the nations of the world will come to Jerusalem to honour God, listen to Him and obey Him, so that eventually there will be peace in the world.

Isaiah flags of the world

At the end of this lesson, we will pray with the children for peace. For this we need as many flags of different countries as possible. We will make them together during the walk-in activity and during the crafts.

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