Object lesson - Isaiah's dream - Can this dream be real?

Isaiah is a prophet of God. In Isaiah's time, kings were in charge in Israel. But these kings did not always do what God wanted. Then God sent a prophet to tell the king what he was doing wrong. Kings don't like this. They don't like it when others tell them what to do. And they certainly do not like it when they do it wrong! Therefore, it was sometimes difficult to be a prophet.

In Isaiah 2: 1-5 he gets a dream about peace, about all the nations going to Jerusalem to seek God and to listen to Him. Not just the king of Israel, but all the nations will discover what is right and wrong. They will turn their weapons into tools and there will be peace. What a beautiful dream!

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In his dream, Isaiah sees how everything will be better. But what should you do with such a dream? Can you trust such a dream? What do you think?

Tags: Object lessons, Biblical persons - Old Testament