77. Five lessons a pencil can teach us

This is a simple object lesson which uses a big pencil to discuss five of the beautiful aspects of living life with God.

Outside/inside, God’s leadership, God’s correcting presence in our lives, forgiveness, bearing fruit.  
Five lessons a pencil can teach us

To be used for:

- Children’s moment during a service
- Creative children’s teaching
- School assembly
- RE lesson
- Creative preaching illustration

Bible text:
The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (Samuel 16:7)

4 - 88 years

There are a lot of things a pencil can teach you. You will need a large pencil.

  1. There is a hand that directs the pencil:
    Just as a pencil, we only are able to create the most beautiful things when directed by someone’s hand, Gods hand. Thankfully, God wants nothing more but to hold us and lead us.
  2. A pencil needs to be sharpened:
    God wants to sharpen us. With his Spirit he wants to work in our life and shape us more and more into his image.
  3. A pencil trace can be erased:
    When we make a mistake and do things we regret, we can ask God to forgive us and he will erase all our sins.
  4. A pencil is all about the inside:
    There is black lead inside the pencil. In the Bible (1 Samuel 16:7) there is a text that states that where people look at outward appearance, God looks at the core, the heart. He knows that our real purpose and talent lies on the inside, just like a pencil.
  5. A pencil leaves a trace:
    If we lay our lives in Gods hand, our life will leave an incredible trace. Through us, God can create the most beautiful picture of himself.

Source: Paolo Coelha (2009) Like a river. Amsterdam Singel Pockets.

You will need:
- A big pencil. 


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