Object lesson - Easter: From 'Startling' to 'I'

Probably one of the best object lessons to help you tell the Easter Resurrection story.

What common English word is nine letters long, and each time you remove a letter from it, it still remains an English word? From nine letters all the way down to a single letter?  It's the word 'startling'. 

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You can tell the Easter Resurrection Bbile Story in your church, school assembly or children's ministry in such an easy and attractive way using only the letters in the word 'startling'.

STARTLING One of the best Easter Resurrection object lessons for church kidmin and Sunday schools

Easter Sunday Morning Object lesson:

Just imagine, it's Easter Sunday morning. You ask nine children to come on stage with you. You give each of the children a large cardboard letter or large cards with letters on. The children can hold the letters above their heads or in front of their faces. Together they spell the word 'Startling'.

Each time you tell a part of the story, you take a letter away. You go from the word STARTLING to STARTING to STARING to STRING to STING to SING to SIN to IN and you end with the letter I.

As you do this, you tell the following Easter Resurrection story about Mary going to the grave, finding it empty, thinking that the body has been stolen and meeting Jesus, her risen Lord.

The story with this object lesson:


Mary makes a startling discovery: the grave is empty.


She is starting to wonder: "What has happened here?


And now Mary is staring at the stone that has been rolled away.


All the clothers are neatly folded up. Not a loose string in sight.


Mary is feeling the sting: "Has someone stolen the body?"


But then she meets the risen Lord and she wants to sing, because she discovers 'Jesus is alive'.


Now she knows what happened on the cross: Jesus has broken the power of death and sin


And thorugh His resurrection everyone who believes in Him can be part of God's family.


What do I do? Everybody needs to know! So Mary goes on her way to tell the disciples. 

(This is just a short summary. You can make it as elaborate as you want.)

What do you need:

- Download: 'The Resurrection story using nine letters'
- Download: 'Nine Letters for the word STARTLING'



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