Magic trick - Double Cross: Preach the Good News - FREE

Double Cross - an easy to do gospel illussion from Richard Lenski

This Gospel illusion is from Richard Lenski and can be used in your children's ministry, Sunday school or kidmin. You don't have to be a Christian magician to do this trick. 


Mark 16:15 - And he said unto them, Go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.


Jesus died for you.

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What do you need:

- Mark Southworth’s Double Cross Magic Trick

With this trick you draw an X on your hand, erase it and it appears on a spectator’s hand. It also has an addition to it to do the same thing with a heart that has to be purchased in addition to the original Double Cross.

Do you know how this magic trick works?

You can get to know this magic trick through these video's below here:



You draw the X on your hand as you are talking

X marks the spot, right?  If you look at the X on an angle, it looks like a cross. The cross, this reminds me of Jesus. His hands were pierced for you and me and I am marked as His. But if you pull this off,

Pull the X off

I am still marked by Him and I have a need to tell others about what Jesus did for me. He not only died for me and my forgiveness of sins, but He died for you.

Have them turn their hand over to see the cross.

Everyone is included in His plan. He loves all of us and if you come to the cross, you can be forgiven and have eternal life with Him in heaven.


You can tell them about God’s plan of redemption and lead them in the sinner’s prayer. Also there is an addition that can be purchased for this trick. You can print a heart instead of the X. if you purchase the heart addition to the trick, you can use that to talk tell them God loves them.


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