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An easy to do gospel illussion from Richard Lenski

You can use this gospel illusion from Richard Lenski in your children's ministry, Sunday school or kidmin. You don't have to be a Christian magician to do this trick.

Three ropes trick fun christmas story Sunday school kidmin

Material Needed:

- Professors Nightmare.

Having the ropes with candy cane stripes would be helpful.  You can find this rope online or make your own with a red marker and white rope. Won’t be easy, but it will look good.

You can learn how to do this gospel illusion / magic trick through this video below here:

Story of Gus the Elf

Poor Gus could do no right. He worked at a candy cane factory and every job they gave him ended in disaster.  He was sent to add color to the mixture to candy canes and give them those red and white colors and they all turned out blue.  He was sent to bend the candy canes into the hook shape and broke everyone he bent.  So they took him to the room where the broken pieces of candy canes ended up. 

He was to gather various lengths of candy canes pieces, just like this.

Show the candy cane ropes of different lengths.

He would take the pieces, put them together and ta-da, they would all still be different lengths.

Several other elf’s showed him how it was done.

Make the ropes all equal in length

but alas when they handed the pieces back to him, they all reverted back to different lengths.

Show ropes all unequal again. 

No matter what Gus did, ta-da, they always came up unequal. One day the big guy (Santa if it is allowed to be said in your venue.) came to visit. He saw Gus looking sad. So he sat and talked with him. The big guy pulled him up on his lap and said, show me Gus how you do this.  So Gus took three unequal pieces of candy cane, put them together and ta-da they became three equal pieces of candy cane that would be sent to the bending room to bent onto the candy cane shape. Gus finally found his place. 


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