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Magic trick - Dove pan: Pride goes before destruction - FREE

An easy to do gospel illussion from Richard Lenski

You can use this gospel illusion from Richard Lenski in your children's ministry, Sunday school or kidmin. You don't have to be a Christian magician to do this trick on the theme of pride.


Proverbs 16:8 Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.

Gospel illusion for Sunday school or kidmin on theme of pride


Pride causes you to lose to think you do not need God.

Material Needed:

- Dove pan
- Peacock silk
- Rubber Chicken


Set Up:
Load the rubber chicken in the dove pan.

Cam Ward was a hockey goalie for the Carolina Hurricanes at the time. Goalies are proud of what they do. They are in a class by themselves, full of confidence. It takes a lot to stand there and let people shoot pucks at you. It hurts. So let’s just say Cam was proud as a peacock. (Show peacock sales)  They strut their stuff in goal and this game caught him off guard.

The Arizona Coyotes shot the puck in and it went behind the next. He casually skated back there, took a swing at the puck and skated back to the net. He should have paid more attention to where the puck was but it was a play he had done many times before. (Slowly bundle the peacock silk up and put it into the dove pan.) Back in net, (Cover the dove pan.) remember he didn’t make sure where the puck was?

Some players headed to the front of the net hoping to find and get the loose puck and score and Cam was right there in front of them. Cam went down to his knees to prepare to stop the puck.  But little did he know the puck that went behind the net didn’t get cleared out but when he swung his stick at it, it deflected and lodge in his skate. When he went down to knees, his foot went into the net, across the goal line. The ref saw this and after a review it was declared a goal. This peacock was deflated quickly. (Lift the lid and show the chicken.) Had he not casually tried to clear the puck but paid attention, he would have known the puck wasn’t cleared.

Now go on and talk about pride and how it takes our eyes off depending on God.


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