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An Easter craft activity

The priests and scribes place soldiers to guard the tomb, but we already know that this was of little use. Jesus just rises from the dead! This craft activity celebrates that.

This idea is part of a complete Sunday School lesson on the Bible story of the crucifixion of Jesus. ( Matthew 27: 39 - 66 )

Do dreams come true creative discussion on bible story of Jesus and Barabbas Easter activity for Sunday school or childrens ministry

What do you need:

- worksheet
- paper plate
- lolly sticks
- grey paper to make the stone
- grey paint with brushes
- coloured pencils / felt-tip pens
- glue

What do you do:

Paint the paper plates grey at the beginning of the programme and give them time to dry.
Cut out both the angel and the figure of Jesus and colour them in.

When the plate is dry, cut the plate in half. Cut a door for the grave in one of the two halves and glue the plates together, so you get a kind of cave.

Glue the Jesus figure in the cave and glue the angel on the cave.
Glue the lolly sticks in a cross shape and glue them to the grave, as in the picture.

Make a big stone by crumpling the grey paper and use it as a stone. Glue it to the cave


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