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Experiment - Insta-Worms: ‘Importance of clean drinking water’

Short introduction:
You can also use the worm mix to tell a different kind of story - about the terrible consequences of unclean drinking water in developing countries; chronic diarrhea, illness, anemia....

You can use the worm mix to illustrate what’s in unclean drinking water. Of course you can’t always see if water is fit to drink or not. You can’t always taste it either. Only under a microscope can you see if there are bacteria, parasites or viruses in the water. Imagine taking children on a journey of discovery; you can use the worm mix as a sort of microscope to show what is in unclean water. 

Glass half full


Clean drinking water, poverty, unclean water, illness

In the video below I show you how you can illustrate this lesson using the worm mix.

Before you try this yourself, it’s helpful to watch the introduction video in which I show you how to prepare the worm mix.

Watch the video below:

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