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Experiment - Insta-Worms: ‘Paul gets bitten by the snake’

Short introduction:
Paul has been shipwrecked off the island of Malta, but amazingly enough everyone has been saved.

Because they are cold and wet, they build a fire on the beach. Paul collects a large pile of wood. Just as he is about to throw this wood on the fire, a poisonous snake shoots out of it, and bites his hand. Paul throws the snake in the fire and...


Everyone expects him to die within a few minutes, but nothing happens. This miracle is told over and over again on the island. Even Publius the govenor becomes a Christian. 

God's protection, healing, shipwreck of Paul, st. Paul, Paul gets bitten by a snake

In the video below we show you how you can illustrate this story using the worm mix.

Before you try this yourself, it’s helpful to watch the introduction video in which we show you how to prepare the worm mix.

Watch the video below:

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