Experiment - Rainbow of snow: ‘The promises of God’

Why would you make a rainbow of snow?

Is it enough to say ‘because I can’? Probably not! For Noah and his descendants the rainbow was the symbol of God’s promise to them. God promised Noah that he would never again destroy the earth by flood. Which promises does the rainbow remind you of?

A rainbow of snow can help the children (or the church) to think about the wonderful promises God has made us.

snow instant

It does take some preparation, but you will have a never-to-be-forgotten children’s moment or sermon!!

The complete series covers the following themes:

Idea 162.  Demonstration video with links to webshops
Idea 163.  Rainbow of snow – the promises of God
Idea 164.  Rainbow of snow – the story of the Jesus calming the storm
Idea 165.  Rainbow of snow – the names of Jesus
Idea 166.  Rainbow of snow – the diversity of the church
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Idea 168.  Rainbow of snow – the names of God

Watch the video below.

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