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Daily Tip - Bible Storytelling: What do you see happening in the story?

Everyday tip for your Sunday school lesson or children’s ministry


You can experience a Bible story for yourself

Suppose you have to tell a Bible story soon:

Record the Bible story with your mobile phone. Sit in a comfortable chair and listen to the Bible story at least five times.  Each time you listen, you do a different (fantasy) exercise:

1. What do you see happening in the Bible story?
2. What do you hear in the Bible story? Which sounds fit into this story?
3. What do you smell in the Bible story? What smells are present in the story?
4. What movements occur in the Bible story?
5. What emotions occur in this Bible story? Can you feel them?

What do you see happening in the story?

When listening for the first time, ask yourself what you see in your thoughts / fantasy when you hear this story. By consciously looking at a Bible story with your imagination and visualizing things, you experience the story in a certain way and it is much easier to tell this Bible story.

Take for example the story of the storm on the lake:

- Can you see the crowd on the side?
- How many boats sail away?
- What is the colour of the pillow on which Jesus sleeps?
- Do you see the panic on the faces of the disciples?
- What does the storm look like?


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Scripture reference: Genesis 1:5
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