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Jonah waits in vain for the destruction of Nineveh

Jonah has finally done what God asked of him. After he got spat out by the huge fish, he went to the town of Nineveh. He told the people in the city that God would destroy the city unless they repented, and then he went to sit on a hill just outside the city to watch the show. He’s quite looking forward to it - what a show it’s going to be!

In the meantime in the city of Nineveh, the inhabitants are repenting. God sees this, and spares the city.

Jonah doesn’t realise this, and waits....and waits.....and waits..
It’s getting too hot. But what’s this?

During the night God makes a large bush grow, so that Jonah can sit under it.
What a blessing! But what’s this?

During the night God sends a worm that eats the bush and causes it to die.
Jonah is furious!

And then he gets the lesson.....



Jonah is waiting for the destruction of Nineveh, Jonah and the miracle tree, God sent a worm, Gods goodness and compassion


In the video below we show you how you can illustrate this story using the worm mix.

Before you try this yourself, it’s helpful to watch the introduction video in which we show you how to prepare the worm mix.



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