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Daily Tip - Children's ministry: It is all about time investment

Everyday tip for your Sunday school lesson or children’s ministry


Children's ministry is all about time investment

In many churches and congregations the children's ministry is split up in such a way that as a children's worker you see the children once a month. This is logical in itself, because you don't want to miss the church service too often.

But does this really build a friendship with the children? Do they get to know you this way?

In my work I have seen that many of the problems in the children's ministry arise from this. If you only do children's ministry once a month, the children have to get used to you every time. They are going to try you out, because every teacher or master allows them to do something different. It's just a lot harder than if you have a permanent team that leads the children's ministry every week or at least once every two weeks.

I've learned from practice that it's better to do the children's ministry with three people every two weeks than to be in front of the group on your own once every six weeks.


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Scripture reference: Genesis 1:5
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