Who are Matthijs and Lindsey Vlaardingerbroek?

Creative Kidswork is a Dutch Christian ministry run by Matthijs and Lindsey Vlaardingerbroek, who live in the Netherlands:LogoOACSA

Our passion

It is our passion to provide children’s workers, teachers and parents all over the world with the Biblical resources they need to enable them to teach the Good News of the Bible – God’s powerful Word!

Our background

As a couple we trained as fulltime children’s evangelists with OAC Ministries ( Open Air Campaigners ) between 1990 and 1992.

After our training in England we moved to the Netherlands to work there as missionaries and evangelists. Over the last twenty-five years we have been involved in church planting, youth work and children’s work. Together as a couple we planted and pastored a small church in a poor multicultural area in The Hague for many years.

Over the last ten years Matthijs has been involved in fulltime Christian children’s work and has become one of the most well-known Christian children’s workers here in the Netherlands.

Our ministry in the Netherlands

nederlandMatthijs currently travels all around the Netherlands, giving training to children’s workers and doing Christian children’s shows in churches, family services, Bible clubs and primary schools. He uses ventriloquism, puppetry, storytelling, object lessons and gospel magic.

In everything we do we work interdenominationally and hope to be a blessing to as many children’s workers and churches as possible.

Our ministry to you

Besides all his speaking engagements Matthijs loves to write and create new ideas for our children’s ministry. As you can imagine he has collected a whole archive of his own creative ideas over the years.

Our ministry of Creative Kidswork stems from a desire to share all these ideas with other children’s workers, people like you. As well as all of Matthijs’ ideas, there are a number of other children’s workers who have freely made their ideas available to us. We are very grateful to them.

Growing and making things better

It is our passion to provide you with the Biblical resources you need to enable you to teach the Good News of the Bible Gods powerful Word to children

We really enjoy sharing all these ideas with you. Over the coming years we hope to offer you more hundreds more ideas. At the same time our aim is constantly to improve the site, so that it will be even more easier for you to use all these ideas!

Our vision

We want to give you as many creative resources as possible so that you can use these to teach your children the Good News of the Bible – God’s powerful Word.

Our vision is to create more and better object lessons, Bible games, Bible stories, demonstration video’s, children’s moments, icebreakers, creative prayer ideas, crafts ideas, science experiments, etc. which will enable you to be the best children’s worker, Bible teacher or children’s pastor that you can be!

We want to enable you to create a fun, attractive, inspiring children’s ministry that will encourage the children to know God and be known by Him, so that they can grow in Christ and become more like Him!

Our promise

a creative prayer idea fpr ypur Sunday school lesson 9This is our promise to you:

“We will do our utmost best to provide you with the best Biblical resources for your children’s ministry that you can find, so that you can help your kids to grow in their faith.”


Matthijs & Lindsey Vlaardingerbroek
The Netherlands